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Comprehensive Pain Management

An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.  The effects of pain exact a tremendous cost on our country in terms of lost productivity at jobs as well as the emotional and financial burden it places on patients and their families. Chronic pain is a major medical condition that is different and more complex than acute pain.  Acute pain begins suddenly and is usually sharp in quality, it serves as a warning to the body that something is wrong.  In most cases, acute pain does not last longer than 6 months and it disappears once the underlying cause of pain has been treated.  Sometimes though, it can lead to chronic pain.  Chronic pain is a state in which pain persists for many months or years, often despite the fact that an injury has healed.  Physical effects can include a lack of energy, change in appetite, limited mobility and tension in muscles.  It can also effect someone emotion with anger, anxiety and depression.  Some of the complaints one experiences with chronic pain are headaches, back pain, neurogenic pain (pain from damaged nerves) and arthritis.

back pain

The source of chronic pain can be very complex and not always clear. This makes it difficult to treat.  Effective pain management requires a multidisciplinary individualized focus designed to help the patient reach his or her highest level of function and independence.  


Our doctors strive to improve the lives of our patients by using the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment methods available.  Some of these treatment options include medication management, interventional procedures, nerve stimulation, physical therapy and behavior modification.  Some of the procedures we perform are listed below with links to explanations about what they are for and how they might improve your life.


The physicians of Advocate Pain Management Center understand that living with pain can change all aspects of daily living. We are committed in helping acute and chronic pain sufferers improve their quality of life.


                        Click on the links below to learn more about some of the conditions we treat.

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