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We are Houston-are specialists in knee pain

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body, and is used heavily in almost all physical activity, from playing sports to walking. As such, knee pain is common in people of all ages, and, depending on the severity, can be debilitating.


At Advocate Pain Management, our Houston and Pasadena doctors are specialists in chronic knee pain. We use the latest technology in diagnosing the cause of the pain rather than only addressing the symptoms.


man with pain in his knee, needs a doctor

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain can originate in the bones, the kneecap (patella), or the soft tissues of the joint like ligaments, tendons and cartilage.


Knee pain can be divided into three major categories:


• Acute injury — Sudden trauma to the knee can cause broken bones and/or damage to ligaments, tendons and cartilage


• Prior medical condition — The knee is a common place for arthritis; infections in the knee can be very painful and severely limit mobility; autoimmune disorders and degenerative diseases can also affect the knee


• Chronic use/misuse — Putting too much strain on the knee, especially with poor technique, can lead to tendinitis, osteoarthritis, bursitis and patellar syndromes


Because the knee is load-bearing, and used in all aspects of life, problems in other areas of the body, such as the back or hips, can lead to knee pain down the road, because eventually the knees will bear the burden of another joint’s weakness.


Some common results of knee pain include difficulty walking due to instability, stiffness and/or pain, limping, locking of the joint (unable to bend), redness and swelling and limited range of motion.

The location of pain can vary depending on the cause. For example, an infection might affect the entire joint, while a meniscus tear or bone fracture could create isolated symptoms in one location. The severity of the pain can vary from a dull ache to severe pain that can alter lifestyle.

Solutions for chronic knee pain

Our doctors have a multidisciplinary approach to identify pain at the source.  The first consult begins with a thorough evaluation and review of your medical history.  During the consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your case in detail. The doctor will develop a customized treatment plan that might involve medication management, physical therapy, imaging studies, activity modification and interventional procedures for back pain relief.  Our goal is to improve your activity level, quality of life and control or reduce pain.


The doctors at APMC are specialists in non-surgical interventional treatment of the spine and back.  These minimally invasive procedures can alleviate discomfort associated with many conditions.  The objective of interventional pain procedures is to identify the source of a patient's pain and to direct treatment specifically to that source.   Options are specifically tailored to each patient and all procedures are done on an outpatient basis.

Doctor examining someone's hurt knee
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