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FAQs on wrist pain conditions in the Houston area

Although wrist pain is a common complaint, many factors can lead to it, sometimes making it difficult to diagnose the exact cause.


The precise location of the wrist pain is often helpful in diagnosing the cause, as is the type of pain suffered. For example, osteoarthritis pain can be dull, like a toothache, while carpal tunnel syndrome pain can be tingling, like pins and needles.

person with wrist pain

In addition to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress is a long-term cause of wrist pain. The most common cause of wrist pain, however, is sprains or fractures.


An accurate diagnosis of the cause of wrist pain is essential for proper treatment. At Advocate Pain Management, our Houston and Pasadena doctors are specialists in chronic wrist pain. We take an individualized approach to diagnosing and treating chronic wrist pain using latest technology. Our goal is to address the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.


Solutions for Eliminating Chronic Wrist Pain

The doctors at APMC use every resource possible to reduce or eliminate wrist pain and avoid surgery. After diagnosis, we will create an individualized treatment plan for you that is likely to include physical therapy, medication management and interventional pain procedures.

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